tombstone blues

O sit down a while, lay your head on my knee
That we may hae some rest before that I die

She stroked him sae fast, the nearer he did creep
Wi a small charm she lulld him fast asleep

Wi his ain sword belt sae fast as she ban him
Wi his ain dag-dug sae sair as she dang him

If seven kings daughters here ye hae slain
Lye ye here, a husband to them a’


He louted him oer his saddle bow
To kiss her cheek and chin
She’s taen him in her arms twa
And thrown him headlong in [TO THE FREAKING OCEAN]

Since seven kings’ daughters ye’ve drowned there
In the water o’ Wearie’s Well
I’ll make you bridegroom to them a’
An ring the bell mysell


He turned him quickly round about
To the green leaf of the tree
She took him hastily in her arms
And flung him in the sea

Reading an old English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Basically, every single version of Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight/May Collin is the BEST EVER. <333 (Including that time Emma wrote me fiiiiic.) I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH YOU AND YOUR BADASSERY, LADY ISABEL.