tombstone blues

….i may have sort of just vaguely come out as “ambiguously queer grey-asexual” to my dad because he unexpectedly took me on a “it is okay to tell me if you have lesbian thoughts i love you unconditionally and want you to be happy even if i think that is wrong” date 

i am kind of


at the moment

posted 4 weeks ago
#i don't know how to   #go   #now   #we had a long talk about my faith (still going strong! if weird!) and   #kind of... agreed to respectfully disagree but he still hopes i'll stop thinking homosexuality is okay but he loves me?   #but i will PROBABLY NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ANYONE SO THIS IS A MOOT POINT   #I GUESS   #I AM VERY   #KIND OF SHAKING   #WE BOTH HAD SEVERAL BEERS   #i guess i'm kind of queer but i'm incapable of being in love and don't really understand attraction so   #but i am committed to my faith and i've prayed about it a lot and   #i can't decide what i think is right based on what my parents want or what ~my cool friends~ as he thinks want   #this just happened. how did this just.   #don't slam on my dad this went so much better than i ever thought it could   #i was planning never to come out plus idk if i count really if i am INCAPABLE OF FALLING IN LOVE OR BEING SEXUALLY ATTRACTED   #uh   #pray? for? me?   #i'm very.   #what.  
  1. peripatetia said: *all the hugs* what a huge thing to do, I’m so proud of you! And I’m so glad your dad responded as well as he did. Thinking of you always xxxxx
  2. chimericaloutlier said: *hugs* you are incredibly courageous; I’ve yet to come out to my parents, because I am too terrified of their reaction, scared that it would be outright rejection, even more scared that the rest of my life with them will be conflict. So I grok it.
  3. apuddingcup said: OH GOD IM SO SORRY FOR THE WEIRD AND AWKWARD AHHHHH im very proud of you & i love you and will be sending positive vibes your way
  4. hungarianlanterns said: WE ARE BASICALLY IN THE SAME PLACE ORIENTATIONWISE and, like. i’m glad that your dad is trying? at least? like, a solid b minus for effort, i’m glad he wants you to be happy
  5. oldsampeabody said: I am so, so proud of you. Really. And also: you count, and you matter. Damn what others might say <3
  6. spurlunk said: i’m glad that everything seems to have gone more or less okay and am sending you <333
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